ANSI 200 Chain - ANSI Standard Roller Chain 200R

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Heavy-Duty 200 Roller Chain

When your project calls for heavy-duty support, you need industrial-strength roller chain like our PEER 200 chain to keep everything moving along smoothly. The size 200 roller chain can hold up to the very toughest environments and offers an average tensile strength of up to 109,128 pounds. You might find this type of 200 chain used in agricultural machinery, construction equipment and on heavy conveyors in a variety of different industries.

Finding the Right Roller Chain for Your Needs

If you're not familiar with the sizing on roller chains, the “200” refers to the industry part number, indicating the overall size and dimensions of the chain. This high-quality chain is manufactured under rigorous quality standards so it will be sure to stand the test of time. If you ever need help determining the size of the chain for your particular application, be sure to contact the friendly professionals at PEER Chain for more information.

Whether you need 200 chain for the citrus or food industry or if you are outfitting a sewer plant, you will find that PEER Chain always offers the quality links that last. Contact us today at 800-523-4567 or via email to for more information and to learn about our ultra-fast shipping policies for when your project is in a pinch.