ANSI Standard BL Series Leaf Chain

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Why You Should Increase Your BL Series Leaf Chain Stock

The leaf chain, be it the AL, EL or BL series, is generally the most simple of steel chains. It consists of link plates connected by pins, and it runs over sheaves rather than sprockets. Though each type has its uses, OEMs and distributors are advised to go for BL leaf chain when the applications overlap. This is because the BL series leaf chain consists of relatively thick and large link plates and is known for its superior consistency, strength and availability.

If you’re an OEM or distributor, read on to find out the benefits of BL leaf chain and why you should consider going for it.

1. It Is the Only Leaf Chain Included in Two Standards

While EL chains are only in the ISO standard, AL chains are not regulated and have dimensions that vary between manufacturers. However, BL leaf chain is included in the international chain standard ISO4347 and BS29.8.

2. It Offers Great Length Consistency

Because it is constructed from specific components, the BL series leaf chain has a consistent and reliable pitch and length.

3. It Has a Relatively Better Tensile Strength Ratio

The BL series leaf chain has higher tensile strength and lower weight. The tensile strength ratio can be up to 15% better than the EL leaf chain, for example, making it ideal for forklift masts and telescopic booms.

4. It Is Widely Available at Competitive Prices

The BL leaf chain is probably the most popular leaf chain globally, making it readily available for purchase and at a good price. What’s more, it boasts an array of associated parts, including chain anchor bolts and clevis pins.

5. It Is Built for a Greater Bearing Area and Longer Working Life

Because the BL series leaf chain offers the option of odd lacing (4×6, for example), it increases bearing areas by 66%, resulting in a prolonged working life as the load is spread across more links.

6. It Can Be Used With Smaller Pulleys To Save on Space

BL leaf chains can be used with smaller pulleys, allowing equipment designers to fit the mechanism into more compact spaces.

BL Leaf Chain Applications

Leaf chains are constructed with stacked plates and pins to provide high strength for various high load applications. PEER Chain’s BL series leaf chain is ideal for heavy-duty hanging, balancing or motion transmission applications like:

  • Forklifts
  • Material handling
  • Lift trucks
  • Container lifts
  • Machine tools
  • Elevator and oven doors
  • Spinning frames

What Makes the PEER Chain BL Leaf Chain Superior?

Are you an OEM or a distributor looking to increase your BL leaf chain inventory? PEER Chain has the perfect option for you. Our BL chains include the BL4 and BL20 series and everything in between, so you don’t have to worry about the availability of options. Speaking of options, we also have a variety of accessories to go with the chain, and you can specify whether you want a male or female end link for odd-numbered pitches. While our chains can come in carbon steel, we also provide a ProCoat finish upon request for distributors requiring corrosion resistance.

PEER Chain aims to go beyond the “standard,” that’s why our BL chains use heat-treated, shot-peened plates and pins and undergo a pre-load process to ensure accuracy in publicized strengths.
Perhaps PEER Chain stands out the most in its over-the-top customer service, and we mean that literally. From pre-purchase to post-purchase, we’re with you every step of the way to ensure you get maximum satisfaction.

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