BL866 – ANSI Standard BL Series Leaf Chain

When you’re looking for the best BL866 ANSI Standard BL Series Leaf Chain, PEER Chain has you covered. With our wide range of chains, attachments, sprockets and more, our team has everything you need to bring your team back to a high level of productivity. Our PEER Chain store provides you with the tools and information needed to get the right products for your exact project. Our quality has been trusted for generations, with thousands of clients confidently buying PEER Chain products for their projects. We take pride in being an active part of our community, helping various organizations support important initiatives that make our community a better and safer place to live. Want to learn more about PEER Chain or have questions? Contact our friendly customer service staff during normal business hours at 888-629-9586.

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Used by engineers for its strength in material handling, the outstanding BL866 ANSI Standard BL Series Leaf Chain is made to last because of its unmatched strength and maximum wear resistance. Each leaf chain is made up of a series of stacked link plates and pins and is heat-treated to guarantee optimal performance for your various applications. This leaf chain can also be covered with ProCoat™ for use in harsh environments with high humidity or where seawater may be present. You can count on our BL866 ANSI Standard BL Series Leaf Chain to be a strong component of your everyday operations, with link plates that are slip-fit onto the pins and outer link plates that are press-fit to riveted pins to prevent rotation during operation. These leaf chains have high fatigue strength and long service life helping to minimize maintenance costs. Any worn or damaged AL series leaf chain linkage plates, with the same contour, pitch and thickness of ANSI leaf chain, should be replaced with BL Series leaf chain. At PEER Chain, we understand that in your business, downtime means lost profits. For this reason and more, we are committed to providing the highest-quality leaf chain available on the market today. The quality of your machinery is never in question when you trust PEER Chain to provide the parts you need the most.

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