CC5 Industrial Chain

The CC5 Chain, also called the CC5 Conveyor Chain or CC5 Roller Chain is classified as a heavy-duty chain. This CC5 chain offers high strength, durability, and long wear life. The CC5 chain is found in a wide range of applications, including auto manufacturing plants, car washes, farm processing, elevators, and other areas that require efficient power transmission. This chain has been quality-tested to ensure that it meets specific standards and requirements. As a result, you can be sure that you have a chain that is consistent in quality and can serve as a substitute for similar chains if the need arises. At PEER Chain, we offer different forms of CC5 chains, including high sidebars with offset rollers and roller conveyor plain chains. The more popular of the two is the high sidebar offset roller chain, which is used for the most convenient purposes.

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CC5 Chain Specifications

Every chain at PEER Chain meets the strictest ANSI (American National Standards Institute) and ISO (International Organization for Standardization) requirements for quality and consistency to the latter. Therefore, you can be sure that this chain will support your production even under the most demanding conditions.

The most important measure of roller chains’ strength is tensile strength. The tensile strength represents how much load a chain can bear under a one-time load before breaking apart. Another common factor that is as important as tensile strength is fatigue strength. The critical elements in a chain’s fatigue strength are the quality of steel used to manufacture the chain, the heat treatment of its components and the quality of the pitch hole fabrication of the link plates. Other factors can include the thickness and the design of the link plates.

The average tensile strength of this heavyweight equipment is around 50,000 pounds, with a maximum allowable working load of 4,800 pounds. The highly customizable chain also boasts a weight of 11.0 pounds per foot. Flat tops, top rollers and hex holes in sidebars for conveyors that utilize gravity to roll can be utilized as attachments to the chain.

Other Specifications

  • Chain Number: CC5
  • Pitch: 6.000″
  • Pin Diameter (E): 0.688″
  • Overall Width Cottered (C2): 2.08″
  • Overall Width Riveted (C1): 2.00″
  • Sidebar Height (H): 2.50″
  • Roller Diameter (D): 0.91″
  • Sidebar thickness (T): 0.31
  • Bushing Length (X): 2.00″
  • Links per 10 ft: 20
  • Average Weight: 11.0 lbs/ft


Uses of CC5 Chain

The CC5 chain is one of the key elements in the machinery of today’s industrialized society. This is due to its variety of applications, which has also made it one of the most commonly used conveyor chains in the country and the world.

The high sidebars on this roller chain will roll on almost any surface, provided it is firm and flat, making it an effective conveyor for auto parts. While the CC5 chain can be interchanged with other roller chains in many applications, the CC5 chain will provide a more durable and longer-lasting chain for any projects that are operating under challenging conditions. It provides leverage to manure spreaders, car washes, citrus production facilities and more — where water and other liquids, grimy solids and bubbles are unavoidable.

These hardened steel chains can withstand the harshest conditions that you can throw at them and remain dependable when other chains may be liable to stretch or fall apart under such heavy loads. Also, you will often find the CC5 chain being used in applications where there is a great deal of dust, such as grain and return elevators. These conveyor belts are exposed to the elements and the dirt and particulates that are raised when grains are moved from one location to another.

Forestry products are another application where the durability of the CC5 chain is essential. The weights, sawdust, temperature changes and humidity are comfortably handled by this type of power chain system.

Learn More With PEER Chain

When you’re looking for a sturdy, reliable and tough chain for your domestic, industrial or agricultural purposes, PEER Chain’s CC5 industrial chain is the option to consider. We also offer a full line of sprockets and attachments, which you can co-order based on your needs.

Our professional team is on standby to help you with any questions you may have. With our decades of experience, we’ve certainly heard it all! You can send us an email or call us on 888-630-9783, Monday to Friday, from 7 am – 6 pm CST. You can also send a picture or diagram of the chain you need via fax at 847-775-4560.