Sharp Top Roller Chain

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Stretched chains in a lumber mill can be a big problem. With significant weights being moved around, even the tiniest slips or accidents can have disastrous results. Work hazards can be reduced to a minimum — or, at best, avoided — when sawmills and other businesses in the lumbar processing industry use high-quality chains. Hazards may arise from a variety of conditions; inefficient sawing mechanics leading to fire outbreaks or even the chain snapping midway through sawing logs, potentially causing workers injuries.

Not all sharp top chains are created equal. PEER Chain is aware of the many ways it could all go wrong; that is, we ensure to stock the most durable sharp top chains on the market and provide one of the best customer services in the industry. Our chains meet ANSI and MS standards. This makes them the perfect replacement for worn-out and regular sharp top chains. These chains can be fashioned according to your needs and the working conditions in which they will be used.

They can heat up and cause premature wear. Depending on the severity, losses can range from a few hundred dollars to temporary business closure. Closing the factory to replace a chain will decrease productivity and decrease overall production, which is not a good situation when running a sawmill. Conventional split bushing roller chains do not have the same quality or durability you’ll find in PEER Chain’s sharp top chains.

Types of Sharp Top Chains

There are six types of sharp top chains: one, two, three, four, five and six stand variations. More commonly, they max out at four, but our technical staff is on hand to create custom chains per your needs. Each of these chains is designed to have a precise tooth sharpness that has the least possible penetration while maintaining a solid grip on materials.

The more stands of a sharp top chain, the more complexity it requires for it to be durable while remaining efficient. Each of our chains is designed to have a solid center plate to prevent them from snapping midway usage, as sawdust and chip compaction presents considerable obstacles to their efficiency. Our Quest (TM) technology provides added durability that will provide you with years of problem-free usage, however you might decide to use them.

We also can include an optional machined smooth bottom that will reduce the overall damage to the chain beds. One other optional process we offer is called ProCoat (TM), which provides unrivaled resistance to corrosion for use in challenging environments of all kinds. All PEER Chain chains are available in ¾”, 1¼”, 1½ “ and 2” pitch sizes.

Features of PEER Chain’s Sharp Top Chain

What makes a chain stand out? You can tell from several things. Firstly, chain specifications and features make it easier for sawmill owners and operators to see if they meet industry standards. Other ways are first-hand experience and word-of-mouth testimonials, and so far, we have excelled in all categories. Features of PEER Chain’s sharp top chains include:

  • Triple alloy steel rivet pins with a heavy case depth
  • Ballized bush plates for uniform and consistent hole sizes and fittings
  • Custom chain length per the working demands of your machinery
  • Triple alloy rivet pins and optimal riveting for extended life
  • Precise and streamlined tooth profile to minimize loss from bruising and improve durability
  • Factory-lubricated, making them installation-ready and rust-resistant
  • Finely smoothed and flattened side plates to even out the load distribution
  • Intricately designed and sharpened teeth for low penetration and the best grip
  • Intense heat and shot peening treatment for increased fatigue strength and durability
  • Unique solid center plate design that all but eliminates breakage from sawdust packing


Features Built-In On Demand

Custom builds require more attention and technique than standard derivatives, and we are dedicated to building your custom solutions for your chain needs. Here are other features that can be built in on demand.

  • Induction hardened teeth
  • Machined bottom to reduce friction with chain beds
  • Chrome pins for non-standard chains
  • Rust-resistant and anti-corrosive coatings
  • Solid lubrication with graphite or molybdenum disulfide


Available and Possible Chain Designations

ST = Sharp top chain
W = Waferizer chain
SLL = Slasher low profile
3 PEP = 3 points every pitch
4 PEP = 4 points every pitch
5 PEP = 5 points every pitch
DP = Double point

Why PEER Chains Are Made for Durability

Sharp top chains are utilized in industries and vocations where heat, stress and strain sum up the daily encounter and working processes. These conditions create very little room for error, as any upset can stall the smooth running of your lumber business and threaten workers’ safety.

This is why you must not compromise on chain quality whenever you’re in the market for one. With PEER Chain, you are assured of quality, durability and efficiency in one purchase that won’t hurt your pockets. We utilize one-piece cold-forged bushings to create a superior-quality chain that diminishes loss from bruising.

Buying your regular sharp top chain can make work more stressful than it should be for your employees and diminishes their overall productivity rate. Imagine trying to saw a log of wood, and it’s taking longer than necessary, causing overheating and energy losses. It is only a matter of time before the chain breaks midway through sawing, which increases the chances of work hazards occurring. Consider the effects of the aftermath of your purchase.

Protecting your workers and facilitating and improving their work output should be your priority when you are next looking to replace or set up a new machine at your factory.

Revamp Your Lumber and Sawmill Business With PEER Chain

There are many different standards when it comes to chains, but PEER Chain will never let you down. From the revolutionary Quest (TM) technology that adds durability and strength to the low tip profiles that reduce bruising, our sharp top chains are backed by decades of experience in the field. Learn more about our line of high-quality chains and sprockets by giving us a call during regular business hours at 800-523-4567 or contact us via email at [email protected]. We have many sizes of sharp top chains available for quick shipment. Don’t see what you need? We can often customize a product to your specifications.