Rooftop Transfer Chain

Rooftop transfer chains are special chains that are used to move bulk materials. They are also referred to as camelback chains or just transfer chains. This type of chain was introduced just after the invention of H-type mill chains to enhance bulk material handling and transferring in the aggregate and forestry industry. Presently, the rooftop transfer chain is found in almost any industry and in applications requiring a high-strength conveyor transfer chain. At PEER Chain, our rooftop chains are known to withstand the toughest of applications and offer a variety of features and benefits.

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Uses of Rooftop Transfer Chains

The rooftop transfer chain is most often intended for operation in troughs, in two or more parallel stands on transfer conveyors, with only the bevel tops of the links projecting about the guides. This permits loading and unloading to be done transversely. The name “camelback chain” is used for this class of chain because of its ability to carry heavy concentrated loads, handle bulk material and transport products. In industry, a rooftop transfer chain is the choice material to carry and transport lumber, boxes, barrels, crates, packages, barrels, bars and so on.

Rooftop transfer chains are made to operate in one direction and therefore are not recommended for installations that require a reverse operation. The speed of operation is determined by the load carried and the frequency of operation. Generally, the recommended speed is 100 feet per minute.

Rooftop Transfer Chain from PEER Chain

We stock and deliver rooftop chains in different styles: H78, H130, H138, C55 and our most popular 81X. Depending on what you intend to accomplish, you may decide to use a specific style of rooftop chain. Below, we’ll discuss the standard styles we offer.

H78A Rooftop Transfer Chain

The H78A chain is a heavy-duty and durable rooftop transfer chain with a tensile strength of 19,500 lbs. The H78 rooftop chain finds application in lumber mills where it is used to transfer lumber. Something notable about this chain is its fully heat-treated construction. Due to this, the chain has much higher strength and working life.

H78B Rooftop Transfer Chain

The H78B chain is a heavy-duty and durable chain like the H78A, but with a tensile strength of 20,800 lbs. This chain, like others in the H-Series, is manufactured to perform and hold up in transfer conveyor applications, as well as abrasive atmospheres.

H130 Rooftop Transfer Chain

The H130 chain is a strong and durable rooftop transfer chain. It has a tensile strength of 18,200 lbs, making it a solid mid-range chain that has been used for decades and is trusted by many.

C55 Rooftop Transfer Chain

The C55 rooftop chain is a cast combination chain that has a variety of uses. It is a high-quality, durable and long-lasting conveyor chain that is manufactured using high-quality components. The C55 rooftop chain is used in a wide range of applications such as bucket elevators, flight conveyors, forest products, grain handling and sugar processing. C55A rooftop chain links are symmetrical and can travel in either direction. This chain is supplied as a riveted construction equipped with pinheads on the same side. The tensile strength is 117,000 lbs.

81X Rooftop Transfer Chain

The 81X rooftop chain is a roof-top style conveying chain designed to convey heavy loads from one point to another. It’s one of the most commonly used conveyor-type chains used in the lumber and aggregate industries because of its extremely rugged design. This design boasts high-quality, heat-treated, shot-peened steel components for optimal strength, durability and fatigue resistance. Our 81X chains meet the standards required of an ideal steel bushed roller (SBR) chain, made with solid bushings and sturdy rollers because of the highly prolonged wear life and performance that comes from this design. The tensile strength of the 81X is 30,000 lbs.

PEER Chain Is Ready to Meet Your Rooftop Chain Needs

At Peer Chain, our rooftop chains are dependable and efficient, making them a product you can trust in any situation. The heat treatment guarantees greater durability and increased overall quality. The chains we offer excel in quality, wear life and strength — at a great price.

Along with our chains, we also offer a wide variety of sprockets for keeping your project moving and your operations productive.

You can request a quote online or contact our professionals at PEER Chain on 888-629-9602 or via email at [email protected] for more information. At PEER Chain, we take your concerns seriously, and that is why we have very resourceful and friendly personnel who are ready to attend to you 24/7.