BL666 – ANSI Standard BL Series Leaf Chain

Want to know that your leaf chains will always be dependable, regardless of the power required for your application? Then look no further than PEER Chain’s full line of leaf chains, such as our BL666. We take your projects and business seriously, so we ensure that each of our chains meets extremely rigorous testing standards before we offer it to our clients. With over 70 years of experience, the professionals at PEER Chain are able to offer you an extraordinary amount of product knowledge. This helps get your business moving quickly — without a lot of hassle. Contact our team online to get a free estimate at or call us during normal business hours at 888-629-9586.

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Utilizing PEER Chain’s BL666 ANSI Standard BL Series Leaf Chain is the perfect way to make sure your long-term projects are backed with exceptional strength and maximum wear resistance. The ability for leaf chains to consist of a series of stacked link plates and pins and use sheaves instead of sprockets for guidance allows the leaf chains to work hard and handle heavy loads with ease. In addition to this, PEER Chain has taken steps to optimize your leaf chains’ durability through heat treatment of all link plates and pins. Optional ProCoat™ allows for your machinery to function properly for a longer amount of time, which ultimately saves you money. Our knowledgeable professionals at PEER Chain understand that you need reliable, high-performance leaf chains so your business can run smoothly. That’s why we are fully committed to producing dependable leaf chains like our BL666 ANSI Standard BL Series Leaf Chain.

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