ANSI 60 Chain – ANSI Standard Roller Chain 60R

Roller chains have been used by farmers, manufacturers and food service professionals for generations, and PEER Chain has always been there to support your needs. Our ANSI/ASME 60 roller chain is one of the many high-quality roller chains that we offer. PEER Chain provides ANSI/ASME standard roller chain sizes from 25 to 240 in single, double, triple, and quad-strand. From solid rollers for smooth rotation to smart engineering that reduces the impact load on the sprocket, the 60 roller chains that we carry are the best available for your application.

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Uses of #60 Roller Chain 

PEER 60 roller chain is used in a multitude of different applications such as drive systems, conveyor equipment, industrial equipment, and much more. PEER 60 roller chain is manufactured under rigid quality control, from raw material to finished products, providing high accuracy, strength, and greater durability. Accurately controlling heat treatment of chain components provides uniform quality and performance. At PEER Chain, we provide quality links that last and you can depend on our 60 roller chain to meet your application needs.

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Tensile Strength of ANSI Roller Chain

The tensile strength of a roller chain, sometimes referred to as the breaking strength, is determined by applying tension to a chain until it breaks. Common values for tensile strength are referred to as Minimum and Average Ultimate Tensile Strength. The quality of materials yields quality performance, and PEER 60 roller chain meets all ANSI/ASME B29.1 standards. For further details on standard roller chains, you can go to our Standard Roller Chain

Providing you with the best possible product to meet your needs is our specialty at PEER Chain. Contact us today at 800-523-4567 or via email to [email protected] to request any additional information or to receive quick responses to your questions. You can also use our online resources such as our handy roller chain size chart, temperature information and more.