ANSI 140 Chain – ANSI Standard Roller Chain 140R

It’s not unusual for roller chains to wear over time. Everything from the extreme temperatures of the elements that can cause shrinkage or stretching of the metal to grit and other dirt that gets into the chain parts can cause problems. While 140 roller chain is incredibly sturdy, it will not last forever — especially if you’re really putting it to the test with challenging environments. Fortunately, getting replacement parts is not difficult, and the professionals at PEER Chain can help you get back to work quickly and efficiently.

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How Can You Tell Your 140 Chain Has Degraded?

It’s not difficult to determine if your 140 chain has been degraded, as this can often be visible as the links stretch further apart over time. While it’s unusual for a chain to physically break, they can become slack and start slipping — which can cause some serious problems if you’re working with heavy-duty machinery. It’s vital that you regularly check your chains to ensure they aren’t passing their useful lifecycle and need to be replaced.

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Signs of Wear on Your Chains

Another sign of wear that you might see is in the teeth of the sprockets, where the grinding motion over time has changed the actual shape of the teeth. If your chain doesn’t have the proper tension, this can happen more quickly and cause you to lose a significant amount of power from the system. Having a well-fitted 140 chain helps reduce the lost power and momentum and provides you with an efficient system for getting work done.

Want to learn more about how to evaluate your 140 roller chain? Contact the experts at PEER Chain today at 800-523-4567 or via email to [email protected] to get started. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are happy to take the time to work with you on finding the exact chain for your unique needs. You can learn more about our chains and interoperability online in our robust resource section, too.