ANSI 35 Chain – ANSI Standard Roller Chain 35R

Available in these sizes:

Upgrade your light-duty applications with ease using our lightweight ANSI 35 Chain, designed for durability and strength. Our extensive lineup features the innovative 35 chain, boasting a rollerless design for unparalleled performance in ANSI standard chains. Trust PEER Chain to keep your operations running smoothly, so you can focus on reaching new heights of success.

  • Durable and Reliable: Long-lasting performance with reliable operation in various applications.
  • Versatile: Suitable for conveyor systems and industrial equipment.
  • Efficient Performance: Lightweight design enhances operations while maintaining strength and durability.
  • Wide Size Range: Available in sizes 25 to 240, offering flexibility to meet specific application requirements.
  • Stability and Strength: A variety of attachments are available ensuring optimal performance every time.



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#35 Chain That Meets Rigorous Quality Standards

PEER 35 single-strand roller chain is a lightweight roller chain that conforms with ANSI/ASME standards. You can order this particular chain in a variety of different lengths including cut-to-length strands, 10-foot boxes, or reels in various sizes based on your applications. We also stock many different types of 35 roller chain sprockets to meet your needs and requirements, such as A-hub, B-hub, and more.

ANSI 35 Chain Solutions

35 Roller Chain

Including the ANSI 35 Roller Chain, we provide a wide availability of ANSI standard roller chains in whatever size that suits your project’s needs. Leave bothering about getting the right parts for industrial applications to us as we use our years of expertise and dedication to guide you through choosing the best products you need.

PEER Chain specializes in roller chains, offering a comprehensive variety where you can choose whatever chain part you need to move your project forward. Contact our service department to walk you through the right product for the job, whether building a project from scratch or replacing a part.

You can use ANSI 35 Chain solutions in several light-duty applications, including:

  • Industry machinery and lightweight conveyor systems;
  • Agricultural industry for equipment such as sprayers, spreaders and harvesters;
  • Manufacturing equipment for electronics.


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Frequently Asked Questions about PEERChain’s ANSI 35 Chain Solutions

Is PEER Chain a reliable supplier for ANSI 35 Roller Chain?
Absolutely! With PEER Chain, you’re not just getting a quality ANSI 35 Roller Chain; you’re also partnering with a trusted supplier committed to your project’s success. Our decades-long reputation, backed by satisfied customers, ensures you receive durable chains and exceptional service tailored to your needs.

What sets PEER Chain apart from other roller chain suppliers?
At PEER Chain, we prioritize building valuable relationships with our customers. Beyond offering premium products, we provide a remarkable experience through responsive customer support and personalized service. We view your success as our top priority and continuously strive to exceed your expectations.

How does PEER Chain address project challenges?
At PEER Chain, we embrace challenges as opportunities to find innovative solutions. Whether it’s manufacturing issues or equipment problems, our solution-oriented mindset enables us to dive deep into challenges and deliver actionable solutions that enhance the success of your project.

What are the typical applications for ANSI 35 Roller Chain?
The ANSI 35 Roller Chain is ideal for light-duty applications across various industries, including drive systems, agricultural equipment, and industrial machinery. For heavier applications such as lumber or steel mills, we offer a comprehensive range of ANSI Standard Roller Chains to meet your specific needs. Contact us to explore our selection of attachments and find the perfect chain for your project!