ANSI 35 Chain – ANSI Standard Roller Chain 35R

Finding exactly the right chain for your needs is critical to keeping you running and meeting your application demands. PEER Chain provides a multitude of chains to meet your needs and help you maximize performance with your applications. 35 roller chain is one of many sizes that we offer in our line of ANSI/ASME standard roller chains. 35 roller chain is rollerless chain unlike other ANSI standard roller chains which have rollers. PEER Chain provides ANSI/ASME standard roller chains from size 25 to 240. We also offer a complete line of roller chain sprockets from 25 to 240.

Our lightweight ANSI 35 Roller Chain provides the durability and strength you need for handling your light-duty applications effectively. For applications conveyor systems to industrial equipment, the ANSI 35 Roller Chain is your ideal choice, according to your demand. In addition to the chain, we also provide several types of attachments for better stability and strength.

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#35 Chain That Meets Rigorous Quality Standards

PEER 35 single-strand roller chain is a lightweight roller chain that conforms with ANSI/ASME standards. You can order this particular chain in a variety of different lengths including cut-to-length strands, 10-foot boxes, or reels in various sizes based on your applications. We also stock many different types of 35 roller chain sprockets to meet your needs and requirements, such as A-hub, B-hub, and more.

ANSI 35 Chain Solutions

35 Roller Chain

Including the ANSI 35 Roller Chain, we provide a wide availability of ANSI standard roller chains in whatever size that suits your project’s needs. Leave bothering about getting the right parts for industrial applications to us as we use our years of expertise and dedication to guide you through choosing the best products you need.

PEER Chain specializes in roller chains, offering a comprehensive variety where you can choose whatever chain part you need to move your project forward. Contact our service department to walk you through the right product for the job, whether building a project from scratch or replacing a part.

You can use ANSI 35 Chain solutions in several light-duty applications, including:

  • Industry machinery and lightweight conveyor systems;
  • Agricultural industry for equipment such as sprayers, spreaders and harvesters;
  • Manufacturing equipment for electronics.


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Is PEER Chain Right for Your ANSI 35 Roller Chain?

As a leading roller chain supplier, PEER Chain offers more than a high-quality ANSI 35 Roller Chain that you can trust to accommodate your workload with efficient durability. Besides providing quality links that last, we ensure that you’ll have a top-notch experience from product availability to responsive customer support. Here are more reasons why we are the right choice for your ANSI 35 Roller Chain.

35 Chain

A Reputation You Can Trust

With decades of experience helping customers take their projects from start to finish, we also have a solid reputation backed by results and happy customers. We recognize that when it comes to roller chain suppliers, there are options available for you to choose from, and we value the success of your project as the foremost priority. Because we understand that success depends on your projects working as you expect, we continuously improve our processes, products and services to meet and exceed your requirements.

Building Valuable Relationships

At PEER Chain, we believe that relationships are crucial aspects of your success and ensure customers gain value from interactions with our sales and support teams. We are dedicated to providing you with premium-quality products that are pivotal to the success of your project and a remarkable experience with every product you buy. Rather than only considering the purchase like other roller chain suppliers, we assure you of stellar service that you can always rely on to promptly address your concerns and problems.

Solutions to Your Project’s Challenges

When it comes to your project, we view problems as challenges that we can solve with enthusiasm. From manufacturing to equipment problems, our solution-oriented mindset enables us to go deeper into tough challenges and provide actionable solutions that our customers value. Whatever your project’s challenges are, PEER Chain is competent in finding a solution that enables you to overcome the challenge and enhance the success of your project.

Applications for ANSI Standard Roller Chains

Roller chains are utilized in many different kinds of applications, including industrial equipment and farm machinery. While heavier chains are more suited for large applications, this lightweight 35 chain is generally used in light duty applications. Our high quality ANSI/ASME standard 35 roller chain assures you the performance you need for your demanding applications. Some common applications for 35 roller chain include drive systems, agricultural equipment and industrial equipment. For heavy-duty applications such as lumber, wastewater treatment, steel mill, and more, visit our ANSI Standard Roller Chain page to find the ideal chain for your additional needs. 

Contact PEER Chain to learn more about the many different types of attachments available for 35 roller chain and more. Whether you are starting a new build from scratch or replacing chain on a piece of existing machinery, you are sure to appreciate the quality chains that are manufactured and stocked by PEER Chain.

When you’re ready with your chain and sprocket needs, don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-800-523-4567 or send us a general inquiry via our online form. Our friendly and knowledgeable professionals will work with you to define exactly what you need and ensure that we can get it to you quickly and painlessly. Our staff takes pride in working with individuals and businesses throughout the world to provide the best quality service at reasonable prices. PEER Chain was incorporated on July 9, 1969 serving the industry with roller chain, engineering chain, leaf chain, specialty chain, problem-solver chain, and much more! Learn more about our history and our service levels online.