ANSI 240 Chain – ANSI Standard Roller Chain 240R

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People have been using levers and chains for thousands of years to get movement on the heaviest of jobs. When you’re working on a project of this magnitude, it’s vital to have a trusted 240 roller chain that you know will be strong enough to get the job done. There is always an element of danger involved when you’re handling massive loads, but PEER Chain’s 240 roller chain provides you the peace of mind that comes with guaranteed quality that you can trust. You do not want to take the chance of having your expensive machinery damaged by a basic chain that is not able to handle the weight that you expected, so PEER Chain parts are always tested to adhere to international ANSI standards for quality.


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Enjoy Exceptional Strength to Weight Ratio with 240 Roller Chain

When only the best (and the heaviest!) chains will do, the PEER 240 roller chain is the best option for your project. This workhorse of the chain world can handle an astronomical 153,323 pounds with an average weight per foot of only 16.396 pounds. You’ll find that this dense 240 roller chain works well for serious industrial use, such as in the lumber industry or in construction. This type of chain has been around for many years, handling the massive projects that require this type of moving power.

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