ANSI 41 Chain – ANSI Standard Roller Chain 41R

Providing quality chains to the Power Transmission industry has been a hallmark of PEER Chain for the last half-century, and our team takes great pride in being able to offer the highest quality chains, attachments, and sprockets at a reasonable price. We provide products that best serve the needs and demands of the Power Transmission industry. 

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41 Roller Chain Size and Strength

The differences between 41 roller chain and 40 roller chain are the roller width and diameter, plate height and thickness, overall width, and tensile strength. 

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Temperature Ratings for Roller Chains

Standard carbon steel chain can be routinely used in ambient temperatures of 15°F to 140°F. When using a standard carbon steel chain, within the suggested temperature range of 15°F to 140°F range, as well as meeting the proper working conditions (e.g. working load, lubrication, aligned sprockets, etc.), the chain will see its full capabilities without losing integrity during the application. Ultimately, elevated temperatures and drastically low temperatures will result in a reduction in the useful life of the chain.

When chain runs through temperatures greater than 140°F, the following problems occur:

  1. Lubrication deterioration
  2. Decrease in strength of the chain
  3. Stiff links and increased wear due to oxide scale formation on the chain components
  4. Increased wear due to decreased hardness of the pin/bushing area

For applications where chain will be running at temperatures greater than 140°F, consideration should be given to a high temperature lubricant. For temperatures greater than 300°F, please consult with our engineering department.

When chain runs through low-temperature environments of 15°F or colder, the following problems may occur:

  1. Decrease in shock strength capabilities due to low-temperature brittleness
  2. Lubricant solidification
  3. Stiff joints caused by frost or ice

For further details regarding operating temperature, visit our Temperature Information page. 

Is Your #41 Chain Ready for Replacement?

Eventually as the chain’s pin and bushing continue to wear, the chain’s fatigue life will be reduced. Generally when a roller chain is elongated 1.5% (max) for fixed center distance drives and 3% (max) for adjustable center distance drives, it is time to replace the chain. Careful inspection of the chain periodically is required to check for cracked parts or sprocket teeth for improved function of the chain on the application. Chains are to be free of debris and dust to run to their useful life.

Chain elongation is defined as the difference in length of a chain due to the reduction of the outside diameter of the chain pins and the increase in diameter of the chain’s bushing. These two dimensions increase the length of the chain under load. This length difference between the chain’s original length and its current length is considered elongation. It is important for a user of chain to keep this pin/bushing area of the chain clean and lubricated to enhance the chain’s performance. Chain elongation also can be defined as the loss of material on the chain’s pins and bushings due to these components rubbing against one another. Special care must be given to reduce or eliminate any outside material such as grit, dirt, or contaminant that interferes with this key area of the chain.

Are you ready to get started on a new project, or kick an older project into high gear? The professionals at PEER Chain are standing by to help! Whether you need guidance on purchasing the right length of 41 roller chain or finding attachments that will make your project work perfectly, we are only a phone call away at 1-800-523-4567 or you can always reach us via email to [email protected] We provide a wealth of free resources online, including our temperature information, roller chain size chart, interchangeability guide, FAQs and more. We take the time to listen to your needs to ensure that you receive the right product the first time so you don’t want to slow down for returns or exchanges.