Steel Pintle Chain

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Benefits of the Pintle Chain

Steel Pintle Chain

Pintle chains have several benefits that allow them to be applicable to various cases involving considerable workload and corrosive-resistant material environments.

Pintle Chains Can Handle Abrasive Temperatures

Many agricultural and industrial applications require materials to handle harsh conditions while remaining efficient and with reduced wear. The simple design of pintle chains ensures minimal contact between the pin and changing gear surfaces. This feature reduces the seizure in the chain links due to constant grinding and scraping.

High Strength To Withstand Heavy Shock Loads

Pintle chains are constructed in a manner that can handle sudden and drastic increases of load without breaking, even in cases when these shifts are high. This strength is helpful in highly abrasive applications like mining, where chain breakages can result in fatal accidents. These chains’ load threshold and flexibility enable them to apply in particular use cases.

Pintle Chain

Provides Support for Conveying Material Over Long Lengths

In cases like palm oil and sugar milling — where you need to convey large amounts of materials over lengthy distances — sluggish movement or repairs along the conveyor line can halt and delay your work. Pintle chains give ample reinforcement to move these items efficiently and conveniently, enabling you to move materials quickly.

Minimal Material Buildup Within Chain Links

When you constantly use some chains over time, dirt and matter can amass in the sprocket tooth pockets. To an extent, such buildup prevents the proper seating of the chain, resulting in an overload condition between the link and tooth. The open barrel construction of pintle chains keeps foreign materials from building up.

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Applications of Pintle Chain

You can apply pintle chains to different systems. Most of these systems involve gathering, hauling and transporting material. Pintle chains can handle such work because of their design and high strength.

Mechanized Farming

Practicing agriculture over large landscapes requires equipment for spreading, including fertilizers, seeds and manure. Pintle chains are used in such spreader applications mainly because they are less likely to have material buildup and do not need as much maintenance as other chains. Typically, the chains are used in conjunction with crossbars or slats for moving the material efficiently.

Conveyor Systems

A conveyor system refers to a piece of mechanical handling equipment that transports raw goods, products and other materials from one spot to another. For conveyor systems that involve moving heavy bulk material such as sand, grains and salt, pintle chains have high durability to handle these heavy loads for an extended period.

Wastewater Collection

Pintle chains are used in water treatment facilities on several conveying and drive applications that facilitate the process. These chains are used in wastewater facilities with their high resistance to corrosive environments.