ANSI Standard Heavy Series Roller Chain

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Heavy Duty roller chains are the last resort for moving parts and working conditions with recurrent and heavy shock loads and impact. Heavy roller chains are engineered to have thicker side plates and over ANSI B298.1 standard chains to withstand these environment types. Aside from the shock resistance, thick inner and outer link plates reduce wear and tear, stretch and improves fatigue resistance.

Heavy Roller Chain

ANSI Standard Heavy Series Roller Chain

Roller chains are the ideal choice for engineers in the market for drivers that can power large sprockets without compromising design or functionality. They are available in several configurations, depending on the strength of the generator. Roller chains can be duplex or triplex depending on the number of additional plates added, one and two extra plates, respectively.

Roller chains can be used in many ways and industries, considering their features and very niched attributes.

Industry Applications of Heavy Duty Roller Chain

Heavy Duty roller chains are used for activities with significant impact and shock, unparalleled fatigue resistance and in mechanical power transmission from the drive to the driven shaft. For this reason, they are typically suitable and applicable in conveyor belt engines; examples are steel mills, agricultural machinery, earthmovers, construction and lumbar equipment and giant moving structures like rigs.

What do these machines have in common? They are driven by low and high-speed drives. With anything higher than 600-800 feet per minute, say the 2000s and 3000s, V-belts are advised because of reduced wear and tear problems and possibly unpleasing sounds from roller chains at high speeds.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the strongest roller chain?
Roller chains are made according to the impact force of the load to be operated. Going by the average tensile strength and weight to strength ratio, the 200HR ANSI Standard Heavy Series roller chain is the strongest at 113,759 lbs and 12.835 lbs per ft.

What is a Heavy Series roller chain?
Heavy Series roller chains have thicker link plates, despite being ANSI B29.1 standard. The inner and outer link plates are thickened so that the chains can endure more demanding working conditions, are less prone to wear and tears and have improved resistance to fatigue.

What is a heavy roller chain?
Heavy Duty Roller Chains are chains capable of pulling huge loads, working under impact-filled conditions, construction equipment, oil rigs and drills and amusement park structures.

How strong is the #40 Heavy Roller Chain?
The #40 heavy roller chains are made under the most precise conditions and specific materials. Rollers are modeled using high tensile steel alloys and ANSI standard dimensions, putting the chain’s tensile strength at 3,700 lbs. These chains also have a pound-for-pound strength that is almost unrivaled, with a weight to strength ratio of 0.41 lbs/ft.

Build the Best of Machines Using Premium Heavy Roller Chains

Back to the conversation of impact and wear and tear resistance, only top-quality chains can give you the desired results. It takes only a tiny chink in the robust nature of the chains for machine parts to fail. This makes it vital to use the absolute best quality heavy roller chains from PEER Chain. You’re not sure what chain to use? Don’t worry. Our team of consultants is on hand to help. Call a DQS certified chain company at (888) 630-8973 or email us at [email protected] to qualify for the best chain service.