WR78 – Welded Steel Mill Chain

Used to keep equipment of all sizes moving effortlessly, engineering class chain, such as WR78 Welded Steel Mill chain, provides superior strength, durability, and endurance for many conditions. WR78 Welded Steel Mill Chain components consist of alloy steel parts. The chain is preloaded providing accurate pitch control. With our heat-treated pins, you can count on our WR78 Welded Steel Mill chain to be a consistent part of your everyday operations. WR78 Welded Steel Mill Chain is commonly used for forestry and lumber applications where heavy-duty conveyor applications are required. WR78 chain is also available in stainless steel. We understand that in your business, downtime means lost time and money. PEER Chain is committed to providing the highest-quality engineering class chains available. The performance of your chain is assured when you choose PEER Chain to provide the chain you need.

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