Manure Spreader Chain

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Manure Spreader Chain

Applications for Manure Spreader Chain

For our manure spreader chain, you can use a few different applications. PEER Chain’s engineers have designed agricultural and pintle attachment chains to use in applications like manure spreaders and other sand spreaders.

Is PEER Chain Right for Your Manure Chain?

We understand that of all the equipment a farmer or gardener needs, a manure spreader is one of the most valuable. The biggest concern is finding one that’s dependable and can distribute manure evenly across fields and lawns.
Best Manure Spreader Chain
It can be challenging to find the right one if you’re unsure what to look out for. All manure spreaders aren’t created equally, after all.
At PEER Chain, we offer incredible durability, unmatched warranties and ease of maintenance that keep your manure spreader chain working like a well-oiled machine. We believe these are the most important factors when shopping for a manure chain and can offer this to our customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Manure Spreader Chain

Read on for a few questions we frequently receive about our manure spreader chain:

How tight should a chain be on a manure spreader?

In order to check for proper manure spreader tightness, check the distance between the axle shaft and the apron chain. The chain should not extend below the axle by more than two inches.

What is a manure spreader called?

The manure spreader has been commonly referred to as a muck spreader. This type of machinery is used to spread manure from livestock on fields as a fertilizer due to its richness in nutrients and nitrogen.

What machines spread manure?

Typically, any type of machinery that spreads manure is either a two-wheeled wagon that is drawn by a tractor or a self-propelled four-wheeled tractor wagon. Tractor-pulled and truck-mounted box spreaders are generally used for spreading solid and semi-solid manure. Usually, manure is surface broadcast using a tank wagon with splash plates. It’s vital that spreaders apply manure consistently and uniformly from load to load and from year to year. Manure spreaders need to be calibrated properly to ensure their optimal performance and effectiveness as sources of crop fertility while avoiding overapplication of nutrients that can harm the environment. There are several spreader systems, each with its own calibration method. There are three general types of manure application systems:

  • A system for storing, moving and spreading manure on soil surfaces;
  • Manure application systems based on liquid manure;
  • Systems that inject liquid manure below the surface of the soil.


What is the best way to measure a spreader chain?

We measure manure spreader chains from center to center. You should measure the outside of one link to the inside of wherever the opposite link is and measure within a sixteenth of an inch. The link number should be on the side of each link, and the bar width and size will measure the thickness and width accordingly as needed.

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