C2060H Chain – ANSI Standard C-Type Double Pitch Roller Chain

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Heavy Roller Chains

Roller chains have been around for over 140 years and are integral in the functioning of modern industry. PEER Chains combines expert service and quality advice ensuring you are paired with the best chains for your unique applications.

PEER’s heavy-duty roller chains are primarily used for moving parts in machinery and provide our customers with an exceptional range of options. These heavier-duty roller chains offer greater fatigue strength rating, a higher maximum allowable load, and increased shock absorption beyond the capacity of standard roller chains and are available in a wide range of sizes.

C2060H Chain Manufactured for Heavy Duty Conveying 

C2020H roller chains are a double pitch heavy-duty chain specifically manufactured for heavier duty conveying applications. Incorporating links that are twice as long as standard roller chains, the C2060H roller chain is intended for long drives, low-to-moderate-speed applications, and uses sprockets with at least 24 teeth. They have been produced with thicker sides plates in order to handle higher working loads than standard chains. With a more robust side plate, heavy roller chains maintain their strength and stability over longer periods of time.

The C2060H is commonly used in the grain processing and forest product industries and applications include Asphalt, Sawmills, and other difficult operating environments where conveying applications are used. Recommended for heavy industrial and agricultural applications, the components have been heat-treated to achieve maximum strength and greater wear resistance. Our roller chains are pre-loaded during the manufacturing process to minimize elongation and the hot-dipped lubrication process ensures 100% lubrication of all chain components, which will extend their wear-life and reduce maintenance costs.