C2040R – ANSI Standard C-Type Double Pitch Roller Chain

PEER Chain’s regular C2040 double pitch roller chain or C2040R conveyor chain is built to meet needs. It incorporates straight side plates with the same dimensions as a standard ANSI roller chain. This conveyor-style roller chain is durable, dependable and has a tensile strength of over 4,100 lbs.

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Our C2040R conveyor chain uses solid rollers of just the right wall thickness to enhance rotation on the bushing and reduce impact load on the sprocket tooth when it’s in operation. It also has perfectly crafted bushings that help to improve surface control and decrease wear. All components of this chain go through heat treatment to further improve its maximum strength and wear resistance for added durability. In addition, the roller chain comes pre-loaded to minimize initial elongation on first use. If you want even more durability, you’ll be pleased to know that the link apertures of the C2040R undergo extra processing and are combined with a surface finish built for fatigue resistance. Pin contact and retention are also improved. The overall result is a C2040 that is built to give you a long-lasting use span.

This chain is not only about strength. It features tapered end pins to give you a hassle-free assembly process while helping to prevent link-plate damage.

The C2040R is available in many different build materials, like carbon steel, nickel plating, ProCoat and stainless steel, depending on your intended application. With attachments such as the DD-3 attachment, the WK-2 wide contour attachment and the G attachment, the C2040R can also connect materials like buckets, brackets and rods. Additionally, we have premium quality double pitch sprockets to go with the C2040R chain.

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