40 B Hub Finished Bore Sprockets

Our 40 B Hub Finished Bore sprocket is everything you need in an optimized, specialty sprocket. Manufactured of carbon steel with hardened teeth, since 1969 we’ve been offering roller chain sprocket components that outperform the rest. Because we know the importance of your production, our B Type Hub is always a one-piece, machined unit and never welded. This #40 B Hub Finished Bore PEER, premium sprocket is in a class of its own with black oxide finish offered standard or customized with oil dipped, painted or plated finishes depending on your own requirements. Additionally, we use keyway alignment to the center of the tooth with two set screws placed directly over the keyway and at 90° to the keyway for optimal performance.

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Learn more about how we are constantly improving to exceed our clients’ expectations in our Technical Center. We are regularly testing wear life, fatigue, and hardness among other top specifications helping us always meet the ANSI B29.1 standard and deliver the finest chain and sprocket products for your application.

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* – Indicates no keyway. All dimensions in inches unless noted.

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