ANSI 25 Chain - ANSI Standard Roller Chain 25R

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Chain Width and Pitch

The distance between the center of the pins in an ANSI 25 chain is defined as the pitch, while the distance between link plates is known as the width. Chain width will always be slightly greater than the width of the roller, as this allows for full clearance.

ANSI 25 Roller Chain Construction

Roller chains in general and the ANSI 25 chain specifically are created with two types of links that alternate: roller links and pin links or sometimes referred to inner and outer links. Roller chain is incredibly important for manufacturing, industrial and agricultural applications as it provides a great deal less friction than similar designs. This allows roller chains to be more durable, last longer with reduced wear and higher levels of efficiency. Roller chain comes in a variety of sizes, as certified by ANSI to ensure the interoperability of the parts. Sizes begin at #25 and up through #240.

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