Meet Linc

Hi, I’m Linc! Some of you address me as “Mr. Linc” because I am wearing a tie representing the ‘old school’ but I really am good at connecting with all generations!

I am Your Loyal Ambassador and the resident expert at PEER Chain! I am animated, but also serious. My lab coat was designed to never get dirty, but I must make it very clear, I want to be hands on and know everything that you are thinking, feeling and requiring.

I am here to represent YOU and when you have something to say, I will not only listen, I will absorb and passionately get back to you ASAP with a path in the right direction. I love being the Master Connecting Link to your success. Please take advantage of my skills and determination! I’m not real handy with cellular technology so send me an email at! Trust me, you will not be disappointed!